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16 June, 2009


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Who's The Dick Writing Comments On My Blog
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Utsuru (v): 1. to move (house); to relocate. 2. to be mirrored; to harmonise.

I have a Blogger-based blog. My brother has a WordPress-blog.
In helping a friend to set up a blog (to share her experiences of dealing with scoliosis and the difficult corrective surgery), I’ve been having a look at the two providers, and trying make a qualitative comparison so I can recommend the best for her.

So, this is just a test-post to see how WordPress works, how easy it is, how intuitive, how buggy… It seems to be working really well so far and, treacherous though it makes me feel, I realise I’ve been quite frustrated by some of the buggy traits of the post-editor in Blogger which don’t seem to be evident in WordPress.

If I’m impressed, I’ll be giving serious thought to the possibility of relocating. In the mean time, I’ll just be running this in parallel. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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3 October, 2008

It’s PC gone mad

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First an apology, of sorts, for being so quiet since… well, since months ago. I haven’t been too busy to post, nor had I retreated into my man-cave and shut myself off from the world.

I didn’t post for so long because there seemed to be so much I wanted to tell the world, yet I didn’t know exactly what to say. Life has been busy, in all sorts of good and bad ways, but I’ve always been determined that this blog should never descend into the LiveJournal trap of “What I Did Today And Who I Saw When I Was Doing It And Why He/She Is A Total Luser”. Unless I have some clear thought or issue I want to express to the world, I don’t want to inflict my opinions on the hoi polloi. God knows, I don’t need the typing practice.

However, silence is death in the Blagosphere, so here’s a brief summary of some of my key events of the last couple of months or so:

  • Spent a looong weekend doing Volunteer Steward work at The Big Chill festival with my brother & sister. This was an intense, exhausting, exhilerating, magical experience, and something I shall always remember fondly. I met a lot of lovely people, very few of the other sort, saw some unforgettable performances, did some memoir-worthy shit, and generally felt more alive than I have for months.
    Special mention to my brother, who has struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a very long time, yet put us all to shame with his enthusiasm and sociable toil throughout our shifts. My heart nearly overflows when I think about it now.
  • Finally got my house fixed up, with a lot of help from my sister and her man, and it’s going on the market now. I think I love and appreciate my siblings as an adult more than I ever did as a child.
  • I’ve started running, because I’m rubbish at it and don’t want to be. It’s actually kind of fun, once you can find a decent pair of trainers that fit, and a decent running partner when you can.
  • I’ve stepped up a gear in my Japanese studies lately, and the more I learn, the more I fall in love with the language. It’s like a fire or a rampant disease, and I don’t care.
  • As a result, I’ve decided to apply to study it at Uni next year. Cambridge. Wish me luck…
  • My PC died, horribly, catastrophically, in the worst way possible. Tech-geek warning:
    Everything was running off a 500GB RAID0 (striped) array. I was in the process of backing all my data up to a single drive, when it all went titsup. One of the two drives failed to initialise, and the backup failed, so I’ve lost the lot.
    Ultimately, I’ve lost every photo, drawing, document, song and email I’ve ever received or created in the last 10 years, plus a novel I was working on sporadically. I was devastated, but as the data is essentially intact (just not coherent) it can be recovered by a data-lab. It’s just going to cost me several hundred pounds…
    So, I’ve decided to mothball it for now and reinstall my OS on a new drive – the data is there, and I’ll get it back one day.

So that’s why I’ve been offline for some weeks. This is a courtesy-post to apologise to the world (that little corner of it that knows and cares) and tell you that I’m still here, still thinking, still thinking of you.

I’ve just not been desperate to get back online. It’s amazing how much more I’m getting done now I don’t spend so much time at my PC (and in retrospect, I’m surprised at how much time that was), and how much more I want to do. The interwebs had filled the void left in my life by the TV, when I made that Big Decision all those years ago, and I realise now that I don’t want that void at all.

My “passive entertainment” organ can shrivel up and die now; I just don’t care. I’ll be back one day, but by then I hope my appetite for this world, this place-that-isn’t-a-place, will have atrophied.

I do still miss it though.

19 June, 2008

Do you have a flag…?

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I feel violated and aggrieved.

It shouldn’t matter; I should ignore it with a kingly disregard.

But I’m PyroTyger, dammit! I have been since time immemorial (well, in interweb terms anyway). And the moment I attempt to take some affirmative action under this handle, I discover that the name is taken. TAKEN!
I don’t have any illusions about the sanctity of ideas and prior art in the petty, anonymous playground that is The Blogosphere, but to have my identity – my intellectual territory – so casually trampled and usurped is really upsetting, far more than I can rationally understand.
What do I need: a flag?

To put it in context: you may have noticed that my blog is not graced with the same moniker as most of my web-expectorations. Tygernet.co.uk is actually a domain name I purchased years ago – something I’ve barely made use of since – and I resorted to that name when setting up this blog as I discovered that PyroTyger was already in use, and had been since sometime in 2005. But how could this be? Isn’t that my Gmail account? Who would exhibit such audacity? Why would someone with a completely different email address decide to hijack my carefully considered, culturally significant, personally attuned handle?

Well, Miss PyroCat85@gmail.com, you have wounded me. Not only have you needlessly and inappropriately sequestered my identity, you have also sullied it with your vapid prattle. You, a college-student of English; you who excrete inane tripe in my name while simultaneously complaining of “writer’s block”; you who are nonetheless apparently incapable of constructing an entire sentence without butchering it by ripping out punctuation and liberally misspelling common everyday words with reckless abandon; you who can’t even be bothered to disambiguate your literary diarrhea with clear grammar, let alone parse it with the occasional courtesy-paragraph…

Okay, that was a little extreme – I don’t actually hate you. I was just exalting in using the language as a weapon (something I rarely undertake). But for pity’s sake, girl, take a little pride in what you commit to the ether, won’t you?
If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say it – or at least get a LiveJournal account, which is nearly equivalent.
At the very least, a quick check of spelling, punctuation and grammar before hitting the “Publish” button will work wonders for the apparent clarity of your thoughts.

All my name-space are belong to you. Dammit.

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